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At Quantum Leap Business Growth, our goal is to provide business owners with the right tools and education that will allow them to maximize the value of their business, and ultimately gain freedom to enjoy life. Whether you’re considering selling your business, or just want to know you’re building a valuable asset now and for the future, our Value Builder System and your participation give you an immediate and quantifiable return on investment.

Our Value Builder Advisors have owned and sold multiple businesses for themselves and others, and have been in your shoes.  Our System teaches business owners how to see their business from a buyer’s perspective. We assist our clients in identifying the 8 Drivers of Company Value, and help them grow their business to its fullest potential through a series of 12 modules tailored to fit their business needs.

We are committed to your success.


Celine Dufresne
Celine Dufresne

Celine DuFresne – CGMA, Business Intermediary, Certified Value Builder

Certified Global Management Accountant, Certified M&A Intermediary, and Certified Senior Advisor, Celine also held over the years several other certifications, including CPIM, a certification in Production Management.  She has been President/CEO, and owner of nine Businesses in Manufacturing, Construction, Medical, Software & Technology, as well as Business and Manufacturing Consulting. She has been involved in all aspects of a Business and in most industries, from Executive & Financial Management, Sales & Marketing, Operation, Quality Control (ISO), Re-engineering of the production process, as well as Consulting & Turnarounds.

Celine is the President of Florida Business Transfer Specialists, Inc., which owns three Murphy Business & Financial Services franchises in Sarasota, Lakeland, & Brooksville, FL.

Due to her wide expertise and experience at owning and selling both, large and small businesses in a variety of industries, she is very versatile and capable of navigating the more complex M&A process while also able to providing assistance with the Exit Strategy and Sale Process of smaller business opportunities. She excels at helping both Buyers and Sellers in determining the business value, getting the transaction financed, structuring the contract to optimize Seller’s proceeds while still meeting the Buyer’s requirements, as well as coordinating all other aspects of a sale up to closing.

Celine is an Achiever with well-above industry ratio of successful engagements. She is the recipient of 44 awards for her top performance since 2001, including the 2004 “President Award”, and 2008 “Broker of the Year”.



Mary Anne Servian
Mary Anne Servian

Mary Anne Servian – Business Intermediary, ValueBuilder Advisor

Managing Director-The Sarasota Ballet responsible for budgeting, overall management and administration. Strengths: Organizational leadership, fiscal management, public speaking and collaborations.

President-Bridgeview Consulting that provided budgeting and fiscal consulting to state and local governments. Strengths: Assisted in finding new revenues sources without increasing taxes, public speaking, provided  strategic and critical new opportunities.

Managing Partner of The Servian Group, a full-service Business Brokerage firm. Strengths: in-depth analysis of financials, negotiating with buyers and sellers to achieve a win-win solution, and strong communication skills to guide this often difficult process to a successful conclusion.

Mayor/City Commissioner-City of Sarasota responsible for setting a $180M budget and hiring professional charter officials. Chair of the Municipal Finance and Taxation Committee for the Florida League of Cities, served on numerous other local and state-wide committees. Strengths: listening and strong communication skills, building coalitions and prioritizing competing needs and wants.

Vice President M&T Bank responsible for implementation of software systems in Banks, Savings Association and Insurance Companies.

Vice President and other positions in Banking to include Operations, Lending Originations and Servicing. Strengths: Strong Organizational and management skills, consensus building and in depth knowledge of finance and accounting.

The Institute of Financial Education-Master in Banking and Finance

Harvard University-John F. Kennedy School of Government-Executive Program for Elected Officials


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