Improve Books, Image to Boost Value

Improve Books, Image to Boost Value by: Celine Dufresne, CGMA, CMAI Broker/Certified Value Builder Are you wondering what the keys are to improving the value of your company? The first key is to have your accountant take a look at your accounting procedures and make recommendations on how to improve them. He or she may also help in preparing financial projections for the coming year. The second key is to […]

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The Value Builder System™

The Value Builder System™ Have You Discovered Your Recurring Revenue Model? When it comes to the value of your business, what happened in the past is much less important than what is likely to happen in the future. One of the most important ways you can shape the future of your business is to create some recurring revenue. Recurring revenue comes from those magical sales you make without really trying. […]

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How much goodwill do you have in your business?

The term “goodwill” is often thrown around in conversation as though it is a subjective description of how much your customers like your business. In fact, when it comes to valuing your business, there is nothing subjective about the definition of goodwill. It is defined as the difference between what someone is willing to pay for your company minus the value of your hard assets. Let’s imagine you own a […]

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Exit Strategy: Is your business ready?

Every company has weaknesses; the trick is to fix them.  There is a saying that the test of a good company president or CEO is what happens to the company when he or she leaves.  Some companies – on paper – may look the same, but one may be much more valuable due to the weaknesses in the other.  Not all problems or weaknesses can be resolved or fixed, but […]

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